• December 29, 2019
  • 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • The Moot Hall, 6a Chapel Lane

Come to our next session, post Christmas, which will be on Meditation for the New Year. We’ll be exploring the nature and purpose of meditation, and some of the many and varied practices within that, and making our determinations for the New Year!

We’ll be spending the next few weeks, searching for great teachings, and learning lots in the meantime – if you have anything you feel it would be appropriate to share then, please let us know, or bring it on the night,

Too, if any one is happy to lead on a meditation, please shout. There is such experience in the room….

The evening will be structured as follows:
6.p.m Arriving quietly and settling in
6.10-6.30 Meditation
6.30- 6.55 Small Group – Sharing our Meditation Practices
6.55-7.10 Tea & Nibbles
710 – 7.40 Video or Audio Teaching
7.40 – 8.15 Discussion on Teaching
8.15 – 8.30 Loving Kindness Meditation to set us on our way
8.30 – 9 Time for Tea, Chatter and Clear Up

This is an open, supportive group of like minded individuals, interested in exploring Buddhist Teachings, We are committed to discussing and debating a broad variety of approaches and aim to do so with respect and in an atmosphere of warmth and support.
Please bring anything you prefer to sit on, cushions, mats, thrones etc) and make yourself as comfortable as you like.

No quote yet, but watch this space

Merry Christmas all, and we look forward to seeing you on the 29th December.

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