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Shops that sell food

Local food shops are doing their best to stay open and might have more stock than supermarkets. All of them have brought in extra cleaning, disinfecting and distancing routines.

Wirksworth Community Response Group has set up a volunteer food delivery service if you cannot get out and have no one else to help you.  They can help with food orders from Ken’s Minimarket and Steve Walker Butcher, minimum order of £20. If you have prepaid for orders from other shops, such as Rachel’s Pets, a volunteer can collect and deliver.

Food delivery:  ring 01629 888112 (select Food) or email:

Wirksworth News: Open 6am-1pm Mon-Sat. 6am-10am Sun. Only one customer in the shop at a time.

Ken’s: open Mon-Sat 8.30am to 7pm, Sun 9am to 1pm, allowing only 5 customers in at a time. They can cope with the deliveries they already do, but can’t take on new customers.  Use the Food delivery service as above. 

Dip’s Place: open from 7am to 4pm. Maintain 2 meters distance between everyone if you go into the shop. If the distancing isn’t working for any reason, Dip’s will bar entry and introduce a system of ordering goods by phone (01629 822089), which will be placed outside the door for collection.  Facebook page  (It isn’t always up to date due to the crisis circumstances.)

Traid Links: From 8 May the shop is back in business! Link to their Facebook page for details.

Steve Walker: open 8am to 5pm Tues-Sat. Only one customer in the shop at a time, and maintaining the two meters distance. Washing hands and disinfecting counter between every customer and preferring contactless payment. Use the volunteer food delivery service as above.

Maycocks Butchers (Holloway): If you can’t get out, Maycocks offer free delivery for orders over £20. 01629 534333. Facebook page.

Scoop zero waste place: Re-starting order system Tuesday 14 April. See more on Facebook page… have a pre-order scheme dispensing dry foods into paper bags and liquids into washed containers that you bring. To order, email and ask for an order form to be sent to you. The reply email will explain the system. More on their Facebook page.

Northern Light Cinema Deli: The deli is open on Wed to Sat 10am to 2pm to sell cheese, non-perishable goods and bread from The Loaf at Crich. If you or someone you know is self isolating, just call us and we’ll take your order over the phone (07764 800488), and we’ll deliver. PLEASE CALL BETWEEN WEDS-SAT 10am – 2pm. BORROW DVDS FROM STEPS. More information on their Facebook page.

Derby Road Stores:  Open, one customer at a time, stand behind the line on the floor inside the shop.

Post Office/Mountford Stores: The Post Office is open from 9am to 5pm and the shop from 8am to 5pm, except Sunday, when the shop is open from 9am to 12 noon. Please read the instructions on the door and maintain social distancing of 2 meters.

Co-op on Harrison Drive: open 6am to 8pm (not 10pm) with a member of staff on the door to explain to customers that only 20 customers can come in at a time, and hazard tape has been used to mark out 2 meter distances for two queues to the tills, one for petrol and one for food.

Palin’s Wholesale: (a large independent supplier and distributor of fresh fruit, vegetables, salad, bakery and dairy items) have set up a retail service for the current situation. Click here

Jackson’s fruit and veg: are in Matlock but deliver in this area. Tel. 01629 583743. More information on their Facebook page, click here, and scroll down through posts.

Lower Hurst Farm, Hartington, who supply schools with meat, are offering frozen, wholesale packs at wholesale prices with free delivery to this area, with a weekly availability list on the website For more information or to place an order, email us at or call us on 01298 849000

 Jigsaw Foodbank: staff are trying to expand their current work to help even more people who will be in need over the coming weeks. They are discussing with St Mary’s parish church in Wirksworth whether the church might become a local hub for supplying crisis parcels for distribution to those living in Wirksworth/Middleton, who are highlighted by staff of the Citizens Advice Bureau as being in need. They are in need of healthy volunteers under 70 who would be willing to deliver food parcels. Contact Ruth Longfellow at A box is now kept on the porch of St Mary’s for collecting donations because the church is locked. The porch is locked at 5.30pm.

Rachel’s Pets: Open Tues and Thurs 8.45am – 5pm and Sat 9.30am -1pm. Only one customer at a time in the shop. If you are at home self-isolating, you can have purchases delivered. Ring the shop 01629 824661 to order. Contactless payment available if you have a mobile phone.


Restaurants, cafes and pubs have been told to close until told otherwise.

The Wirksworth Dining Room (attached to Waltham House Care Home) has for some time been delivering cold cooked main meals (to be reheated) for people living in Wirksworth, similar to Meals on Wheels. They are now offering to deliver meals to anyone in the town. They need to be ordered in advance. The menu for each day of the week is attached, and this has the phone number for ordering and paying.  Menu – Dining Room

Bella Mia Wood-fired Pizzas: are continuing to operate – usually on a Thursday near the Lime Kiln pub, Friday near The Nelson in Middleton and Saturday outside the Ellener Ellis shop and garage in Hulland Ward, all from 5.30pm. Pre-order (07944 789292) and when collecting, observe two meter safe distance. If you are self-isolating, they can organise an alternative form of payment and delivery. Up-to-date details and phone number on their Facebook page

Barley Mow Inn, Kirk Ireton: Drinks and takeaways are available from 6-8pm every day, free delivery in Kirk Ireton. For

Lost Pubs of Wirksworth

Lost Pubs of Wirksworth

more information, updates, and phone number, see their Facebook page.

The Hope & Anchor: began to offer a takeaway and delivery service but have had to close completely. They thank everyone for their support and will work on jobs inside the pub, hoping to see everyone when it becomes possible.

Wirksworth Fish Bar: Re-opened on 13 May.

Bird’s Nest Chinese Takeaway: have decided to close during the crisis.

Wirksworth Balti: closed for refurbishment

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