HELPLINE on the coronavirus pandemic: 01629 888112 (

Hannage Brook Medical Centre

Although the Medical Centre building is currently closed to the public, the practice is still operating, and is dealing with all medical problems. If it is life-threatening, ring 999. If it is about coronavirus, ring 111.  If you aren’t sure, ring Hannage on 01629 822434 and choose one of the options. (Out of hours ring NHS 111.)

The Medical Centre’s website and Facebook pages now have links to lots of information about the current pandemic, both about the disease, its implications for ongoing medical conditions, and about organisations that can provide specialist information and support.

The Medical Centre’s Website     See Covid 19 Support Room.

The Medical Centre’s Facebook page. See posts about support organisations for conditions such as autism and organisations that provide help for people who are experiencing abuse at home.

Online prescription ordering remains the same – use this link to the centre’s prescriptions and medicines section on its Website   The Medicines Order Line 0115 9855 0260 is available from 8am to 4pm daily. There may be a queue but ringing later in the day or later in the week is often quieter. See below for help with prescriptions during the current coronavirus lockdown.

Prescriptions Collections service to those residents who are self-isolating, cannot get out and without anyone to help.  Phone: 01629 888112 (select Prescriptions)  Email:

Hannage Brook Medical Centre.

Payment for medicines can be made over the phone to Payne’s Chemists.

Payne’s opening hours are 9 to 5.30, Monday – Saturday. Please observe the social distancing arrangements.

Government guidance click here.

Other branches of Wirksworth coronavirus information:

Local Help & Support

Obtaining Food

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