It has been announced that the Wirksworth Town Council have launched a consultation (ending 27th October 2017) regarding the location of the weekly Tuesday Market.

There are proposed changes to the layout of the Memorial Gardens in consequence.

Whether you use the market or not, this consultation affects YOU, so please make your voice heard. Take a few minutes to look at the proposed designs and see what you would like for our town centre.

Link to consultation details here:

Links to PDFs of the three proposed designs here:

option-1- Memorial Gardens



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  • John Rosie Thompson

    I think the re-location of the Tuesday Market to the Memorial Garden would make sense as envisaged in the approved Wirksworth Neighbourhood Plan and it would free up space for car parking on the Market Place on those days which would be helpful to other traders.Option 3 is preferred and the memorial accessibility and solitude will not be adveresly affected.
    I have not seen the justification for the District Council to pull out of running Wirksworth Market.Could you email us something about that please? Has the Town Council got undertakings re funding support and professional advice for the market as it seems as on so many things, they will leave Wirksworth as the poor relations again – eg pulling out of managing local public toilets.Has the Town Council ensured the mobile banks will still be able to park by the area proposed for the market and access to ATM’s will be easy.

    • Alice Munro

      Hi and thanks for your comment.

      The Town Council and/ or the District Council are the best places to contact for the details you have requested, regarding the District Council withdrawing from running the market.

      The best way to make your view known is to follow the links on the page here: and to request these details directly, plus give your feedback directly to the council on the excellent suggestions & considerations you make here.

      I shall forward the details you give here to the Town Council too, but please also make sure that you follow the weblink on the town council’s own page to ensure your voice is heard.

      Wirksworth on Web/ Go Wirksworth/ Destination Wirksworth do not reflect or represent Wirksworth Town Council’s policy.

  • David Ainley

    Option 3 is my preference for the re-modelling of the space. It is the most open and least fussy, but its overall success will depend on the quality of the materials employed and the care with which they are used. It seems to me that it is likely that the Memorial would be seen by more people than at present. It is important, of course, that it is respected and not used as a place against which other things are propped or hung.

    • Alice Munro

      Hi David,
      many thanks for your comment.
      As below, the only official channel for the comments is via the Town Council’s consultation documents, so although your comments are valid, they may not be taken into account unless you have also submitted to the town council via this link

      Wirksworth on Web/ Go Wirksworth/ Destination Wirksworth do not reflect or represent Wirksworth Town Council’s policy.

      Hope all is well with you.

      Best regards from the Wirksworth on Web team

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