Recharging Your Electric Car

Thanks to an initiative by Transition Wirksworth, the town now has two electric car recharging points, sited at the Co-op on Harrison Drive. This is a trial service, placed so that residents who are unable to park their car by their residence now have an opportunity to purchase an electric car and charge it at the Co-op.

The service will be available 24/7 and a full charge will take four hours, for which time there will be no parking charge.

The operation will be managed by a third party provider “Charge your car” (CYC) network.

The installation will be advertised on fully interactive online maps, i.e. zap map and the national charge point register

Customers will need to pre-register and purchase a payment card or download a smartphone app before they are able to use. Details of how to set up payment cards or apps can be found at https://www.zapmap.

Electric Car Recharging Point

Electric Car Recharging Point

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