Waste & Recycling Group, nicknamed the Rubbish Group

We try to get local authorities, businesses, residents & our visitors to throw less away, re-use as much as possible and recycle what can’t be re-used.

We organise an annual Give or Take day each spring, when people bring things they don’t want and others take away what they do want. (It’s like Freecycle but in the flesh and more fun.)

At a Give or Take event

We help organise a Transition zero carbon walking float in the Wirksworth Carnival Parade and we have encouraged Wirksworth Festival Committee to take on board the need to recycle rubbish at the festival, having done the job ourselves for three years.

Recycling can be quite a complex business and we try to help people to understand what can and cannot be recycled and encourage them to recycle.

Image on sustainability in Ken’s supermarket on St Johns St.

These days, it is very difficult and often too expensive to have items repaired. We would love to start a local repair group where volunteers would mend items with electrical, woodworking, sewing skills etc. and save items from being unnecessarily thrown away but need volunteers to help.

We are starting a campaign to make Wirksworth a plastic bag free town and need helpers for this.

If you have any great recycling ideas or would like to join our group, you would be very welcome.

Contact: Hilary Hebron, hilaryhebron@gmail.com

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Updated June 2018