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This group is made up of local people who are residents in the Wirksworth and district area who have formed an ad hoc campaigning organisation concerned about the fate of the NHS in England. The group came into being after a public meeting was held in Wirksworth in 2010 when people became concerned about the likely detrimental effects of the Health and Social Care Bill. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 has, as anticipated, led to progressive underfunding of both health and social care at the same time as more contracts are being made for provision of services by private companies. In order to make profits for their shareholders from these contracts often the quality of care falls due to less staff being employed and other cost-cutting measures.

Notice of August 1st – SOSNHS Wirksworth – Come to Market on 8th August

Local community health and social care providers have been instructed to produce what are called Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP). In Derbyshire the local plan is called ‘Joined Up Care Derbyshire’.

‘Joined Up Care Derbyshire’.

Our Government has instructed those drawing up these plans across England to make cost savings. Some of this will be done by cutting staff and closing community hospitals.
However, Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are presenting the STP as something that will improve the way health and social care will be offered and will thus improve people’s health.

Laudable but Costly

They present the STP as focussing on bringing services together, such as health care and social care, and providing more care in people’s homes or in their community, rather than in hospitals such as the Derby Royal. This is a laudable aim but will be costly to set up. As cost savings must be made there will not be the money available to provide services closer to home.
 There are plans to close community hospitals around Derbyshire which can then be sold off to generate funds. Already decisions have been made to axe beds at North Derbyshire community hospital with the closure of Newholme and Bolsover, and threats to Babbingtin and Whitworth hospitals in South Derbyshire. Without the infrastructure of community hospitals where will these new services closer to people’s homes be sited?
Come to the stall that Southern Derbyshire CCG are setting up at the market in Wirksworth on Tuesday August 8. It is at this stall that they will be consulting with the people of Wirksworth to ascertain whether we want the plans to go ahead and whether we agree with further dismantling of the NHS in England via these proposals. Come and let them know our views.


About our campaign

SOSNHS Wirksworth campaign together with other groups in the Derbyshire area – SONHS Derbyshire and SOS NHS Derby. We are also affiliated with a national organisation called Keep Our NHS Public, and with Health Campaigns Together, which is a body for all groups across the country taking action to support the NHS. We join these organisations in calling for the Health Secretary to legally resume responsibility to provide healthcare for all. We also support MPs who wish to introduce the NHS Reinstatement Bill which will remove the idea of services being purchased from a variety of providers and return to the system of services being provided in-house by the NHS itself. This system is vastly more cost-effective as money is not wasted by the tendering process and by paying private accountants and solicitors in setting up purchaser/provider systems.

Recent Campaigns

Our most recent campaigning focus has been around the latest central government driven plan to reshape the NHS in England called the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). Any reshaping inevitably consumes NHS staff time and funds that should be being used directly for healthcare. The underlying aim of the government is to further reduce spending on healthcare via the STP. In Derbyshire alone the STP proposes to further cut the number of hospital beds by 535, 30% of the total number of beds currently in our county, thereby saving costs by employing less staff and closing some community hospitals. Although there may over the years have been structural inefficiencies in the NHS, neither the 2012 Act nor the STP is a remedy for this.

We have a list of supporters locally whom we keep informed of local campaigning activities. There is a steering group that meets to organise local actions. Anyone interested in joining the list or the steering group, please contact Jill Rapoport –

Telephone 01629 823515

Further information via Keep our NHS Public Campaign

Health Campaigns Together


Within Derby and across Derbyshire people continue to stand up for our NHS.

Babington Hospital is due to close in spite of local protests. There are plans to provide some of the services at another site in Belper, but the lost 10 overnight nursing beds will not be provided. Up to 18 beds for rehabilitation, palliative and end-of-life care are being lost. There is a petition to oppose these bed losses at

Integrated Care is the latest name that the government/NHS England has given to plans to downgrade the NHS in England. It follows hot on the heels of Sustainability and Transformation Plans, Accountable Care Organisations and Accountable Care Systems. Perhaps this is to make palatable the drive to continue to underfund our health service and to allow the move to a system that can be handed to private organisations to run, albeit funded from the money we pay in general taxation.

A judicial review is taking place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on May 23 and 24. This has been funded by money raised from the public. It seeks to challenge the legal basis for shifting commissioning functions from the current system set up under the 2012 NHS act of parliament to non-statutory bodies such as Accountable Care Organisations. The proposed shift has not been debated on or voted on in Parliament and there are no plans to do so. A similar review is ongoing at Leeds High Court.

Jeremy Hunt has proposed that in future the NHS should be funded from a dedicated (hypothecated) tax. Those who support the NHS argue that the NHS should continue to be funded from general taxation, but that funding should return to previous levels and should be at a level to meet the needs of the population.

To see the effects of underfunding in the NHS, and associated bed closures and staff losses, watch ‘Hospital’ on BBC2 on Tuesdays or on I-Player. This shows the effects that underfunding is having on services provided at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. The footage is shocking and very moving.

To end with another shocking fact, there were 10,000 excess deaths in the first  7 weeks of 2018. These have been analysed and are not due to cold weather or a rise in levels of influenza. These extra deaths are a consequence of deliberately running down the NHS by starving it of funds and the pressure this puts on the delivery of services.

For the 70th birthday of the NHS, join the celebration and demonstration in London on June 30, assembling at 12 noon at Portland Place, London, W1A. To book a place on coaches to London organised by Derby NHS supporters look on the website of SOS NHS Derby- . There will also be a local birthday event in Derby on July 7, with details on the website to follow. Local events can also be found on Facebook at Further information is available on and

To keep abreast of local actions to support our NHS look at the website of SOS NHS Derby-

Updated May 2018