Freedom Feed Em meets on the SECOND MONDAY of each month at the Memorial Hall, Wirksworth. Settle in for your meal from 6:30pm, food served at 7pm. All our meals are 3 courses of top-quality vegan food, and we use a PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT model for donations, so no-one is excluded.
We are a non-profit group of volunteers. Proceeds remaining (after venue hire and ingredients are paid for) are given to a charity of the cooks’ choice Our cooks, helpers, waiters and wash-uppers are all people who love to share their favourite recipes, eat and socialise with others, and contribute to making it all happen whilst also supporting Freedom Feed Em and their favourite good causes. The next volunteer could be YOU! …do join in!
Since we started in 2013, we have donated around £3000 to lots of GOOD THINGS! To Greenpeace, 38 Degrees, Refugees, Homelessness, Autism Education and local charities such as Aquabox.
Anyone from the group can volunteer to prepare and cook a meal. We all join in to help. Food is paid for on a pay-what-you-want basis – there is no set or minimum contribution. Everyone does as much or as little as they please – chop and peel, wash and dry, sit and idle… sing a song, make new friends.
Everyone is welcome. We are a good-vibe group of friendly, happy people. Bring your smile and join us!
Please note that YOU MUST BOOK YOUR PLACE. To avoid food waste, we cater for a fixed number of people! To join us and book a place or places, join our Facebook group where you’ll get recipes, automatic invites to all our meals, and to tell us if you would like to come. Alternatively you can contact Miles Halpin (our organiser) by email:

Updated April 2018