The coming-together of the Baptist and Methodist churches in Wirksworth was accompanied by the creation of a small and informal music/drama group with members from both original churches and the URC. They called themselves Crossways to signify their origins.

They meet for rehearsals every Wednesday from September to April in order to do….

…well you might say ‘rehearse’ and that’s true. But more than that the group find a tremendous sense of together-ness and support and pleasure. In fact there is a much laughter as minims, as much chat and cake as crotchets grappled-with, as much sharing as staging.

But in spite of this care-free approach we put in all the needed hours and effort in learning and practising – and that enables us to offer an ‘Alternative’ view of Christ-mas each December together with a full-scale production in April – all in Wellspring Church, which has the great flexibility to be transformed into a railway station or a TV studio, a grand mansion or the Globe theatre. Those April shows are full of melody, humour, pathos and joy….a wonderful mixture reflecting all of human life.

Members, in the main, have no lengthy experience of music-making or acting. In fact that is no barrier to progress in the way Crossways does things. In other words ‘all are welcome’ – literally.

So please treat those three words as an open invitation to sample what a Crossways evening looks like by contacting any of the group or anyone at Wellspring Church. You can tell a CWs person by their hair – they’re prepared to let it down, even if there’s not much.

Contacts: Paul Heppleston : & tel: 01629 540969

Sue Watts :


Updated March 2017